Edubuddhi is a perfect platform for various educational needs of a student when seeking their future prospects. This organization is more than just a place to ‘sharpen’ your educational pursuits; we go a step ahead to guide through all the aspects of career hunting. Right from learning to know your interests, to understanding your true potentials to finally helping you pursue the pathway to success, we see you through it all.

Our manner of execution includes various aspects such as the training sessions, discussions, counseling sessions, and placements. The EduBuddhi has been able to bring about a positive change in the lives of many successful students, who are enjoying their chosen careers. We believe every child is special and there is a perfect place for everyone. It is simply a matter of proper guidance, to help a student realize their ‘true calling’. We understand the need for proper guidance, as a lot of potential in our country is lost because of the lack of the same. It is also essential on our part to encourage individual thinking process, as it is not always a smart choice to follow the herd.

Through our systematic counseling, discussions and the all-exclusive ‘Talent Examination’, we drive to help seek out the talents of each student. These examinations are a vital aspect of our procedure, as we offer the right choices to the students as per their performances at these tests. This goes a long way in helping them understand their skills in a better manner. The counseling sessions conducted are a place where each individual is shown their pursuits according to their potentials. It is important on our part to help each one understand that there is a place for every kind of talent and a career can be molded in the right direction.

Our relationships go beyond the classroom walls and are extended to help each with the right assistance. The Scholarship programs at the Einstein Group of Educational Institute are designed to assist the financially challenged students to gain their foothold in the educational world. This is done for our shining stars so that they do not diminish in the dark.


To ensure that the student wealth of our country find the right channels to help them reach their true potential.

We want are an educational platform that offers a base to all the students who wish to enrich their knowledge and future prospects in career building


To be able to reach out to a maximum number of students who require proper guidance to frame their future.

Our team of experts works tirelessly to help the students acquire an environment of healthy competitiveness, training to gain proper results and to be able to reach out to the field of their dreams.

It is not the goal you achieve but the pathway that you choose, that makes the entire difference to the results.


• To be able to offer an environment of healthy competition to help bring out the best in each student.

• To Help the brilliant minds with financial challenges to meet their goals in life.

• To be able to guide the students towards their true career pathways.

• To be able to generate a feeling of self-worth and value for interests of all kinds and to inculcate a belief that all fields of education have their own importance.