The EduBuddhi is a perfect platform which functions as a base for the career planning of students. With a fine systematic method which comprises of counseling, planning, and launching, we ensure the rightful handling of interests merged with education.
Our Counselling methods are some of the most well-planned ones, where we help the young minds ‘recognize’ their true potential. This is done by conducting regular and timely workshops which are oriented to offer a proper career prospective. These workshops are carefully designed to offer the right career boost to the students. Also, included are motivational speeches from some of our best speakers, who help boost the morale of our students. This is done in a manner to help each one gains confidence in their dreams and to believe that you can achieve what you dream.
The main aim of the workshops is to help ‘give shape’ to the aspirations of the students. Our workshops are designed to showcase the possibilities available. We also allow the students proper guidance towards choosing the right career according to their strengths and interests. The workshops are headed by a team of excellence who offer their wealth of knowledge to the young minds. Our Counselling methodologies go beyond the realms of a mere formality or ‘pep-talk’; it is more of a ‘soul searching’ sessions where we allow the students to learn to choose the right course for a successful career ahead.


EduBuddhi is more than just a place to understand your true potential. This is a highly driven institute where the students are shown the ways to choose their careers according to their potentials and interests. The students are offered guidance and proper counseling to help them seek their own pathways to success. The benefits of the program are plentiful.

  • Here the deserving students are offered scholarships in order to pursue their dreams. An institute is also a wonderful place where the students are taught the art of teamwork, self-assessment and the pursuit of excellence.
  • In order to sharpen their intellect and intelligence, various contests and competitions are conducted by the institute.
  • Through this, the students win various prizes which are designed to boost their morale and spike their interests.
  • Through our timely workshops, we keep the students in sync with the latest in the field of education. These are usually attended in large numbers and have motivational speaker share their experiences and knowledge.
  • Throughout our time together at the institute, the students are offered meaningful discussions with the right experts who help them carve the right path to their own success. We also take a step ahead and financially help them in their pursuit of a career through higher education.

Our counseling session is detailed and valuable where we help each student ‘light their own spark’. Here we teach them to follow their own interests rather than being a part of the herd.